Modern & Classical Languages & Cultures

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Do you find it fascinating to communicate in a foreign language? Do you enjoy reading the literature and watching films from different countries? Do you like to learn about other cultures and meet people from other countries?

Assumption graduates enter a variety of fields including business, education, government and non-profit organizations.

Assumption offers language and culture courses in FrenchSpanishItalian and German. As a strong, traditional liberal arts college, we also offer the Classics – Greek and Latin, for students who are captivated by those periods of history.

You can combine language study with one of Assumption’s many academic programs in the liberal arts and science, business or professional studies. Language students improve their ability to communicate both orally and in writing in another language as well as English, and also develop their analytical skills

Immerse Yourself and Study Abroad

Language students are encouraged to study abroad as part of their education. You may study in 50 different sites for a semester, a summer or even a year. These study abroad experiences are typically scheduled in the junior year. Assumption also offers short-term experiences that last one or two weeks, including a summer Internship in Buenos Aires, Argentina!

Modern & Classical Languages & Cultures Offerings


(Major, Major with Education concentration, Minor)

Student may elect one of four concentrations in Greek, Latin, Classical Languages, or Classical Civilization.

Comparative Literature


Students must be proficient in a language other than English, although the course work is in English. You may study the literature of France, Spain, Latin America, Germany, Russia, and ancient Greece and Rome.


Major with Francophone Culture and Civilization concentration.



Italian Studies

(Major and Minor)

Latin American Studies

(Double Major with Spanish and Minor)


Major in Spanish with a concentration in Hispanic Culture and Civilization. (A student may elect to major in Spanish with a second major in Latin American Studies)